Saturday, July 23, 2011

Post #28: The Resident

Please note this is a complete SPOILER and I am basically relaying how insanely stupid this movie was for your enjoyment. I suggest seeing the movie before reading this if you have any interest in it being surprise.

2011 Release
Directed by: Antii Jokinen
Written by: Antii Jokinen, Robert Orr
Starring: Hilary Swank, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, & Lee Pace

OH BOY. Ok, I should have been prepared for this when I could only find this movie from online rental from Blockbuster. This won't be a long review since this movie was simple and STUPID. Juliet (Swank) moves into an apartment for rent from Max (Morgan) after breaking up with her boyfriend when he cheats on her (BORING!). This seems alittle odd from the beginning because it's a large and beautiful apartment for cheap, but Max seems nice enough - the lonely, takes care of his ailing uncle, landlord type. Shortly after moving in odd things start to happen and Juliet just can't seem to settle in. She seems to possibly have a small crush on Max but he doesn't seem receptive to her advances - that's when the movie rewinds and we see everything from Max's perspective.

We learn that he first saw Juliet at the hospital where she worked and found out she was looking for an apartment. He contacts her about an availability and after she moves in he starts watching her through the mirrors and the walls. He's a total creep, often taking care of business while watching her take a bath. He is completely obsessed with her and his non-interest is in take shock when she shows interest. After another date the 2 start to get it on but Juliet still isn't over her ex and can't go through with it. Max leaves dejected but hopeful she will come around. In the meantime Juliet's ex is back in the picture and Juliet quickly loses interest in Max as she reunites with her ex.

So now Max is insane with jealously and starts to go into her bedroom at night and drug her so he can do shit to her. I started getting really pist off at this point. Juliet installs a camera to watch her at night since she suspects something is going on. Max kills her ex but who really cares?! Juliet figures out what Max has been doing to her at night, shows up at her apartment and they fight. Juliet shoots nails into his head.
UGH. I hated this movie. It was so boring, and I do not recommend it at all.

SO having said all that, I give this movie:


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