Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Post #23 - Quarantine

Please note this is a complete SPOILER and I am basically relaying how insanely stupid this movie was for your enjoyment. I suggest seeing the movie before reading this if you have any interest in it being surprise.

2008 Release
Directed by: John Erick Dowdle
Written by: John Erick Dowdle & Drew Dowdle
Starring: Jennifer Carpenter, Steven Harris & Columbus Short

Ok, so I have now scene the Spanish version, Rec, and the US version Quarantine of this piece of shit. So, I think I have a very educated opinion in order to accurately review this.

The cover of this movie, left, is basically how I felt after wasting almost 2 hours of my life - WAHHHHHHHH! WHY?????

Ok, so both the English and Spanish versions are very similar so don't bother seeing either one.

I have to admit I was sort of psyched to see this movie. I think I am one of the few people who still enjoys the whole hand-held camera gimmick, so I was ready to like this one. It started off sort of slow, allowing us time to get to know the 2 main characters (one of which is behind the camer 99.9% of the time) - Angela (Carpenter) and Scott (Harris). She is a late night television reporter and he is her camera man. They are spending the night at a fire house to see what a typical night is like for the firemen. It's all pretty boring and blah blah until they get a call for a medical emergency at a local apartment building. Residents heard screaming coming from an old woman's apartment and call authorities to investigate. All of the residents of the building are standing around trying to figure out what's going on and the firemen enter the apartment and find the old lady standing in the living room, covered in blood and out of her mind. She attacks the men, critically injuring one and another falls over the railing from several floors up and dies. The residents are of course in a panic at this point and the police have no choice but to shoot and kill the old woman from the apartment. Things go bat shit crazy from here out, and we view all of it from the camera man's perspective. One by one the people start to go mad and attack each other, violently biting and mutilating each other.

I was really curious what the mysterious cause of all the sickness and death...I was so disappointed. FUCKING RABIES! Some wild form of rabies that acts very quickly and turns the people into zombie psycho killers.

Angela screams alot and we end up in the attic of the building where we discover the source of the outbreak. The man who had rented the room was apparently performing experiments and had several weird albino, gross underwear freaks living up there who eventually kill Angela and Scott, the last survivors. There were some scaring scenes but overall the ending was pretty disappointing and stupid.

SO having said all that, I give this movie:Had the big surprise disease not been rabies I would have probably given this a higher score because it was somewhat entertaining and scary up until that point. The hand held was alittle nauseating but I was into it at first at least, but overall the movie was DUMB.

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  1. AGREED. This movie wasn't scary at all and it was trying so hard to be!! I did see it in the theater though. The best part is the image on the dvd cover, but it's sort of a cheap thrill.