Friday, April 22, 2011

Post #26 -The Possession of David O'Reilly

Please note this is a complete SPOILER and I am basically relaying how insanely stupid this movie was for your enjoyment. I suggest seeing the movie before reading this if you have any interest in it being surprise.

2008 Release
Directed by: Andrew Cull & Steven Isles
Written by: Andrew Cull
Starring: Giles Anderson, Francesca Fowler & Paul McGuinness

This is a tough one for me to review because I am not really sure how I feel about it. In one sense, I really liked it because it messes with your head for a good portion. But then it goes to Stupidville and does the one thing that drives me most nuts - show too much!

The story is pretty basic, David shows up at his friends', Alex and Anna, house late one evening having found evidence that his girlfriend is cheating on him. He's clearly upset and Alex comforts him through the night. As the evening progresses David starts to act strangely, very paranoid-like. He's looking through pictures of his girlfriend and starts to nod off, that's when things go wonky. David clearly doesn't want to fall asleep and makes sure to keep plenty of lights on around him, so you get a sense that he is being followed by someone. He's in the bathroom at one point and looks out the window and sees a figure walking backwards towards the house. It's covered in some sort of brown gunk and walking like a zombie - but uh backwards. David freaks out and locks all the windows, barricades the bathroom door and generally acts like a creeper. He forces himself to stay awake all night, and stands in the hallway outside of the apartment like a freak. So, at this point you know that David is either being haunted by something or a psycho....or maybe both!

So, the next day David is sort of a bum and falls asleep while Alex and Anna play video games all day long. Once it starts to get dark out he starts to freak out again and starts telling his friends about what's going on. Apparently it started with David just seeing things around him in the dark, nothing all that crazy and he tried to ignore them. Gradually the apparitions began to take form and come after him. He can only see them in the darkness and he is the only one who can see them. He draws disturbing images in his journal and Anna wants him to leave the apartment.

David's paranoia deepens and he starts carrying a knife around with him for protection. For the most part we don't see much, but then we get a full on glimpse of the creature lurking outside of the apartment. It looked like an obese man with half of his head melting off, it was completely ridiculous and ruined the suspense. BUMMER! I started to lose interest at this point because I didn't find porky pig all that scary.

Oddly enough, Alex starts to see strange images as well and starts to believe David's claim that something is after him. And I really can't remember/it doesn't fucking matter what happens next. Out of no where, the power goes out and David ends up in a locked room upstairs with the pregnant neighbor. It's dark and we can only see the light from his phone reflecting around the room. The pregnant lady somehow dies because I think he baby starts to eat her from the inside? I am not really sure, all the sudden there was lot of blood and she was screaming. There there was some sort of monster with weird arm mouths and David was screaming alot. Then all the sudden it's daylight and they are all back in the apartment freaking the fuck out. The whole day goes by and then its dark again and they are all freaking out again. These people are fucking idiots clearly. So, it's nighttime and David is totally ballistic at this point, Alex can sort of see the creatures and Anna is oblivious.

David accidently stabs Alex and kills him and then Anna strangles David to death with a plastic laundry bag after pretty much beating the crap out of him. She tries to escape the apartment building and everything goes black. Cut to the next morning where we see Anna's corpse in the hallway ripped up and bloody. The end.

Looking back this movie fucking sucked, it had absolutely no pacing, the creatures sucked and it all just really fell apart at the end. DOUCHE.

SO having said all that, I give this movie:
I am giving this a 2 only because it takes place in England and I liked the actor's accents. Otherwise, a piece of crap.


  1. Wow you really messed up with the ending. And Anna is the pregnant neighbor, not Alex's wife. The wife's name is Kate. And you must not have read the newspapers on wall when Anna and David got trapped together, because it showed that Anna had been killed by her husband and her baby had been cut out of her stomach some time before this movie, so she was a ghost or something that was trying to warn David to run. You might want to pay attention to the movie before posting a review on it.

  2. You need to take this down because this review was horrible!!!

  3. Wow you seem to have rubbed a few people the wrong way with your review. I just sat through this POS and I have to agree with your overall comments. I would only give it one hook though, because two is just TOO generous. This film does take me back to the B horror movies of the 70's with the heavy handed overacting and how it was filmed in such a dark environment. With a script rewrite it could have been a contender.